Welcome to the service of The Keepers!

Adventures in an evening, using the common theme of service to powerful and enigmatic entities: The Sanctuary Keepers. A brief overview of the game is below.

Sanctuary: a mysterious realm, ever shifting in form, with the only constant being the soft white mist bordering whatever physical environ is currently manifested. Sometimes vast rolling plains, other times but a treelined grove, and other times a bustling marketplace when opened to interplanar trade, this place is a sub-pocket of reality bordering on all realms. it exists outside of the planes, ‘within the cracks’ as some theorise. In ancient legends across various worlds, there are hints of lands of mists being home to powerful beings that existed before time and gods. It is only in recent history that Sanctuary has fallen out of legend and into, well not common knowledge, but enough for those who follow wispered rumors to discover a measure of the truth, and perhaps a future they never could have imagined.

Sanctuary and the Keepers have surfaced into the worlds over the past decade, and have kept a reasonably low profile. Agents of the Keepers, as the heroes and adventurers in service to the Keepers are known, are seen in varying lights depending on the society, world, and location. Some see them as the hands of Gods, others, just simply men or women earning their way in the world, and some, devils and dabblers in the fates of men.
You, as a new Agent of the Keepers, know somewhat more than the common rumours.
Sanctuary serves for you as a source of adventure, power, lore, whatever drives you in this world. These beings, the Keepers, assign quests to their agents and send them forth into the many worlds, and call them back once their tasks are done or after an allotted time. Some tasks are mundane, such as helping a farmer drive beasts from his land, others less-so. The goals of the keepers remains unclear, there appears no pattern or grand plan to the quests their agents perform. Some quests are even at the request of mortal races, who have beseeched the Keepers for aid.

Sanctuary cannot be reached without the aid and permission of the Keepers. Agents are called to sanctuary at the will of the Keepers, and sent out to perform their tasks. Frequently, portals are opened for the benefit of trade, where people can trade items and non magical wares. Non magical, due to a powerful defensive trait of Sanctuary. Any and all magical items passing into or out of Sanctuary are rendered inert permanently. There are few exceptions to this, the most common being the items created for Keeper Agents. Items forged within sanctuary itself by those permitted to do so by the Keepers, retain their magical properties passing to and from the realms. As such, you have been advised by a few more seasoned Agents that anything of value attained while on a quest would better benefit you being sold before returning.

Agents are supplied with a single adornment as a mark of their order; a tiny quartz crystal on a silver chain. This crystal can be used to communicate with the Keepers and request passage to Sanctuary, however not always do the Keepers answer, remaining silent as often as not at their discretion, their motives a mystery.

Character Creation and Game pertinent Info:

You are exceptional. for whatever the reason, you have either sought out on your own, or been recruited into the service of The Keepers. Enigmatic and powerful beings, they are the caretakers of the realm ofSanctuary, a sub-plane of existence that touches on a variety of realms. For reasons known only to them, they send their heroes out into the worlds to achieve certain goals.
You are newly entered into the Keepers service, and have prepared yourself for your first mission as best you could, not knowing what would lie ahead.

Source Books:

Complete Series (Excluding Psionics)
Races Series (excluding Races of Eberon)
Magic Item Compendium
Rules Compendium
Spell Compendium
Fiend Folio 1 & 2
Heroes of Battle

Level 1.
28 points, using the below details;
Each stat begins at 8.
A stat of 9 costs 1 point.
A stat of 10 costs 2 points.
A stat of 11 costs 3 points.
A stat of 12 costs 4 points.
A stat of 13 costs 5 points.
A stat of 14 costs 6 points.
A stat of 15 costs 8 points.
A stat of 16 costs 10 points.
A stat of 17 costs 13 points.
A stat of 18 costs 16 points.
Maximum HP at First Level, a single roll on level up.
Classes & Races (no level adjusted races) from any of the books listed.
NO Flaws.
NO Psionics.
NO Templates.
Starting gold 150gp.

Players are welcome to have as may different characters for play in the games as they like, created using the above framework.

After a character has completed three adventures, they will advance a level for the next adventure. This is Character specific, not group advancement as we have done in the past. This will lead to some players having higher level characters through being at more games, however DMs will be advising level maximums for each adventure.

Magical items exempt (generally) from Sanctuary’s magical nullifying power are Potions, Scrolls, & Wizard’s Spellbooks.

Sanctuary One Shot Adventures

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