Sanctuary One Shot Adventures

The Silvered Web

Hodan's Pass is besieged by an infestation of giant spiders

People have been disappearing in the city of Hodan’s Pass.

The homeless and destitute raised no alarms when they began to vanish several months ago, but in the past few weeks your quarry has become bolder, preying upon the city watch. Only ever attacking at night, a curfew has been imposed, and residents huddle behind bared doors, awaiting the dawn.
Few witnesses of these attacks speak of spiders, the size of dogs and even small ponies, and at the scenes of several attacks there have been gossamer threads, shimmering like silver, and strong as steel. Hodan’s Pass, it would seem, has an infestation.

The Low Council (looks after affairs such as harvests, petty disputes, city upkeep and other issues below the high councils concern) has placed a reward of 800 gold to the party of adventures that can delve into the caverns under Hodan’s Pass and exterminate the vermin, and they are free to plunder whatever else they may find in the caverns depths. The caverns below Hodan’s Pass are extensive, and over the cities 2500 year history, have been used for countless dark secretive deeds, some known, others a mystery. The Keepers, it would seem, have some interest in Hodan’s Pass, for they have brought this bounty to the attention of their agents, and given them leave to persue it at their interest.



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