Sanctuary One Shot Adventures

In search of the Light

The Heroes seek out the means to destroy an evil artifact

DM: Andy



Paladin (Jeremy)

Ninja (Mark)


Barbarian (Steve)

Tanis Smithson (Mr T)

The heroes seek out ‘liquid light’ on a far continent on the world of Oearth, a means to wash away the dark powers of the skull they discovered being used to raise an army of the dead.

Retrieving a crystal chalice and defeating animated objects in the shape of gargoyle statues, they descend into a deep meteor crater. After defeating a band of vicious Twig blights and Thorns, they make their way to the center of the crater and retrieve the light imbued waters. The Paladin, forsaking his sacred vows, slew their thorn prisoner.

returning, the waters washed away the dark powers of the artifact. The heroes recieved their reward from the city guards of Tevinter.



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