Sanctuary One Shot Adventures

Hammer and Claw

Protect the keep and recover the hammer

DM: Andy



Paladin (Jeremy)

Bard (Brian)

WuJen (Mark)

The Heroes are transported urgently with no time to prepare into the midst of a fight to defend a keep. After defeating the enemy, the heroes discover that the Lord of the keep has had a powerful magic item stolen; a hammer with which he can create Sanctuary Forged items. It also seems that his daughter has been taken captive too, however the party later discovers clues that this seems not to be the case.

After trailing the daughter and her apparent captors, the heroes are confronted by goblins, which they vanquish.

They then seek directions and clues from a shy hedgehog, and follow tracks leading to a cave guarded by Ogres. Using magic to distract the foe, the heroes sneak into a cave and retrieve the Hammer, along with evidence of another foe; Tebrrisa Pax Kalinoth, who seems to have coerced / forced the Smith’s daughter to aid them.

Returning the hammer, the Heroes are rewarded.



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